As a young person, how do you stay happy and resilient during such a complex and difficult time as the current pandemic? Glion students recently got some advice and guidance via a special online session, part of the support we’re offering throughout this crisis.

Are you happy? Feeling motivated? If not, there’s nothing whatsoever to be ashamed about. The Covid-19 crisis is testing us all in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few short months ago.

Life is certainly quite different for Glion students just now, with the buzz of campus being temporarily replaced by remote learning in their homes. This is naturally producing a range of emotions, including, occasionally, some low morale.

So a good number jumped at the chance to attend a workshop devoted to building happiness and resilience, which we organized for Student Ambassadors and student committee members. The session was run in partnership with PEPIT Consulting and our host was Isabelle Bester, an experienced leadership coach who has led a number of workshops with students, both on campus and remotely, in the past.

Isabelle says, “For many of us, during this outbreak, a number of things including lockdown or news reports may provoke a wide range of thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s totally normal and we are all in the same boat here. However, we can all do something to reinforce our personal resilience, health and happiness.”

During the workshop, Isabelle talked with students about the things that “charge, and discharge, our batteries”. And in particular how students can influence these positive and negative forces.

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“The most interesting thing about this session was that everyone came into it feeling low and unmotivated. But by the end of the call, everyone was smiling and laughing; and the motivation levels had gone right up,” says Dominique Rohrbasser, Student Affairs Manager, who attended the session.

“Also, it was a special experience as the students and staff on the call had to do practical exercises together; for example, meditating or doing a ‘shaking dance’ exercise. This really brought us all closer together!

The students looked back on the session positively. “Every single person was positive and enjoyed participating”, said one, while another praised “the energy of Isabelle and her amazing tips”. The general consensus was “we should have more sessions on this!”.

· Click here to download PEPIT Consulting’s 9 Golden Tips to build happiness and resilience during and outside COVID

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