When it comes to haute cuisine, few dishes summon up images of fine dining more than caviar. The luxurious delicacy has been on the menu of the most select restaurants and dinner parties for over 150 years. The most prestigious name in this marketplace is Caviar House & Prunier, a business that can trace its history back to 1872 and the only company in the world to manufacture distribute and serve caviar.

As part of their final year Applied Business Project (ABP), six Glion students are helping Caviar House & Prunier concept a completely new luxury coffee shop brand. For Camille, Fath-Zhar, Alexandra, Ashwin, Fransisca and Hsin, the ABP is part of their final year luxury specialization and represents an amazing opportunity to gain highly relevant real-world experience.

What is the project about?

The challenge is to create a premium coffee shop concept that will be implemented at airports. Such a project is testament to the trust our industry partners have in the abilities of our students, as this will be a completely new venture for Caviar House & Prunier. They have not operated in the coffee shop sector before and the new business will be a sub-branch of the main brand.

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Serving inclusive luxury

The main demand from the company is that it has to be a premium concept, selling premium products, but the students are free to develop the concept however they like within that remit. The second most important aspect is that the brand must fit the direction of the current luxury market, offering a premium experience that is accessible to everyone.

The new idea of inclusivity in luxury is something that Glion has been discussing a lot this year, especially during the recent luxury conferences in Geneva and Paris. The students have split the project into three main objectives and assigned each objective to two members of the team. To fully understand the Caviar House & Prunier service, the group have visited one of the organization’s airport lounge restaurants and the main office in Geneva.

Working with client-side alumna

Visit any luxury business in any industry around the world and you are likely to find a connection to Glion, and Caviar House & Prunier is no exception. The students are working with alumna and Special Project Manager, Michèle Novak-Moser, who graduated from Glion in 1990. While the standards of professionalism remain the same no matter who the contact is, this is a great advantage for the team as they feel like they can talk more openly to Michèle.

In fact, both parties have enjoyed discussing their Glion connection, with Michèle and the students sharing their experiences of the old and new program. They concluded it is much more challenging now than in the past! The ABP students meet Michèle once per month to share new ideas and evaluate progress to ensure the outcomes are heading in the right direction.

Building an entrepreneurial skillset

The Caviar House & Prunier ABP is demanding a lot of the students, requiring plenty of planning, research and good organization. But Camille, Fath-Zhar, Alexandra, Ashwin, Fransisca and Hsin have all expressed the benefit of the pressure to deliver, as the skills developed will be useful to them in the future.

This is especially the case with three members of the team, who intend to set up their own business after graduation. In fact, the students have discovered that a bit of entrepreneurial spirit is really useful on both the innovation and business side of this ‘concept creation’ project. They are developing everything from a financial plan and opening budget to the final details of the concept and the design.

Thank you to all six students for sharing the details of their Caviar House & Prunier project so far and be sure to keep an eye on the blog for a final review of the project in January.
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