On their recent Applied Business Project (ABP), Glion students Carlo, Victoria, Riccardo, Irene and Filippo had an amazing opportunity to work with the International Floorball Federation (IFF). The task: profile the fans, attract new corporate sponsors and help take the game to the next level.

Founded in 1986, the IFF is the head organization of world floorball and a full member of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the European Sponsorship Association (ESA). As part of their responsibility to further the game internationally, the IFF needs more diverse funding through corporate sponsorship agreements. This is where the Glion students are offering support, as part of their ABP.

Getting to know the fans

IFF asked the students to work on a project that will give them more insight into the fans of floorball. The aim of the research is to discover a set of values within the fans that can be presented to corporate sponsors as a match for their own target audience.

“We didn’t know about floorball before, but after doing the primary research, we now know why: the sport is very popular in certain countries, but less popular in others”, Carlo said.

Using skills and gaining experience

The ABP, part of the Event Management specialization, is designed to put students in a real-world situation, facing a genuine business challenge. The team have had plenty of opportunities to put their classroom knowledge to the test. “Finding what the fans value is very interesting. It requires us to use the same techniques as for any marketing research, and marketing research is certainly something that we will have to deal with again in the future”, said Victoria.

Using teamwork to achieve the goal

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A rare career opportunity

The unique, transformative nature of a Glion education means students are presented with real-world experience that simply wouldn’t be accessible through other institutions. “It is generally very difficult to get the opportunity to work with an international federation, so we feel very lucky to be working with the IFF on this project”, Carlo said.

“The project touches a lot of different sectors, including sponsorship, accounting, marketing and sales. This is very valuable as it helps us develop a large set of skills for our future careers in event management”, he added.

Learning entrepreneurial techniques

If the students ever decide to start their own companies or organize a major event on their own, the ABP has given them the skills to approach stakeholders and create sound sponsorship strategies.

We have learnt so much during the past three years and this is a great opportunity to put our knowledge to the test practically. Our current classes cover sponsorship and event management, so we’re able to learn new techniques in the morning and use them in the real-world in the afternoon”, Irene said.

The final presentation and proposals will be made to IFF on 20 December. Watch this space for updates!

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